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about MySofa

Founded in 2019, MySofa wanted to provide an exceptional experience to its travelers more than a classic rental.
Dedicated to vacationers and professionals traveling in the south of France, we offer a top-of-the-range ALL INCLUSIVE stay to our customers, to which is added an unforgettable local experience.
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Are you fed up with simple private vacation rentals? So, next stop: MySofa.
For your next holiday in the south of France, experience our high-end apartments. Not only are our apartments modern, designed and adapted to your personal and professional needs, but we have something more than the others... MySofa'dvisor, your new ally to discover the region as if you had been living there for still. We took a little belly, but we are sacrificed to find you the restaurants, bars, outdoor activities and places to visit so that you leave with the belly and the head filled with memories.


An experience adapted for a fulfilled holiday.

Why would you book our accommodations more than others? There are thousands of high-end and modern accommodations. What do we have more to offer than the others?

MySofa understands your questions. We were travelers ourselves and we asked ourselves the same questions. That's why we created the MySofa experience.

For starters, each accommodation has a different theme. And we doubled down on it. Depending on your choice, you will have access to an art workshop, a real jukebox, a meditation room, etc.

"Okay cool design, but we're not convinced yet..."

Of course, it's not just the design.

MySofa is an ALL INCLUSIVE service. It is the same for all our accommodations. That is to say that we provide all the necessary so that you just have your personal belongings to bring. And that, unfortunately, we cannot do for you. On the other hand, we have decided to lighten your suitcases. Bed linen and towels, consumables (tea, coffee, spices, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, ...), iron, hair dryer, everything you need is provided.

For people traveling on business, our accommodations are equipped like a workshop. A workspace is dedicated to you in each accommodation with a free wifi connection.

Don't feel like going out one night? Do the children annoy you to see the latest paw patrol cartoons or the latest fashionable magazine? Once again, we know that and we have the solution. We have free Netflix in all accommodations and it's all part of MySofa's All Inclusive service.

We want to accompany you before and throughout your stay. A hob that does not work, a light that does not come on, a hot water problem... It's possible! We want that at any time in the accommodation, you can have direct contact with us and that we can answer all your questions. We have therefore set up a table connected directly with our MySofa services so that we can discuss together, by messaging or videoconference, at any time. So you will never be alone.

Do you want more ? OK, it's sport with you!

Do you know MySofa'dvisor? Nope? Well I present to you your new dating friend. We have gained local experience in each city we offer. So we said to ourselves: why not share our experience with our customers... And from there MySofa'dvisor was born. It is an interactive companion that offers you all our local recommendations less known to tourists such as restaurants, bars and activities in or outside the city. You will be informed before your arrival of MySofa'dvisor. You will therefore have the possibility of organizing your stay before your day of arrival to waste as little time as possible. The goal is to put you in the shoes of a person who has always lived there. You may even have the “suddeuuuhhhh accent” when you leave! Up to you !

You will have other memories than ordinary visitors and that makes THE difference when discussing your vacation with colleagues on Monday morning.

If with all this, we have not convinced you of the real MySofa experience, we no longer understand anything! If not, do not hesitate any longer and book our accommodation in the south of France. We look forward to meeting you.

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