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MySofa: business apartments in the South of France & short-term professional stays

Going on a business trip is not not always easy... While you are in the middle of a business trip, you cannot ignore the question of accommodation. Where are you going to spend your nights? Designed for business tourism, mysofa location offers all-inclusive apartments in the south of France.

Mysofa location: finally rentals in the south of France adapted to business trips

In 2017, France recorded more than 24,000 business trips. At a time when the planet is becoming one big global village, it's not uncommon to flush out the collaborator of your dreams on the other side of the world. Only here... For these modern nomads, staying in a foreign land raises a certain number of questions. While appointments with clients are often scheduled well in advance, the question of accommodation remains thorny.

Unlike leisure tourists, business travelers have certain requirements. In addition to being well located, their furnished rentals must become an extension of their office. In these square meters, they want to be able to work as they see fit. In most apartment rentals this is not the case.

Fortunately, recently, business travel can count on mysofa location, an agency of rentals in the south of France a master in business travel.

Understanding the issues of business travel

The business trip is a UFO in the world of short stays. Anyone who puts down his suitcases in Avignon for a few days generally hastens to go to the Palais des Papes or to the mythical Pont d'Avignon. Inevitably, he chooses his reservations according to the proximity of sites of interest. During a business trip, it's a different story...

The first thing a professional will look at is the distance that separates his business apartment rental Avignon from the places where his seminars< will be held /b>. If he has come for training, crossing Avignon twice a day will seriously affect his performance. Likewise, it should not be forgotten that his travel has financial objectives.

Thus, every evening, he is very likely to have to attend virtual meetings with the other members of his team. When booking his corporate accommodation, he will conduct a short survey of the area's nightlife and the quality of the wifi. And that's not all... Do you really think that during these stays, professionals have time to do household chores? Absolutely not. This is why during a business stay, it is better to opt for all inclusive. At the airport, once his luggage has been collected, the professional will only have to return to his apartment. If he wishes, a driver can pick him up as soon as he arrives. Once there, he has nothing else to do except focus on the core of his business.

Accommodation adapted to business travel

At mysofa location, we know only too well how going on a business trip can turn into a Chinese headache. This is why our offers of rental apartment Avignon take into account the real needs of professionals and offer workspaces with desks and unlimited internet. When their trips, the last thing they want is to neglect their work because of boring household chores.

In each of the furnished rentals that we make available to our customers, this dilemma does not arise. All inclusive, our rentals in the south of France allow you not to lose sight of your goals. In addition to providing you with apartments ideally located a few minutes from the training and seminars rooms, mysofa location offers additional services. Regular maintenance of the premises, transport service, recommendations for activities... If you dream of it, we will be happy to make it real. Because business tourism has a significant financial component, our apartments are located near the business center. Thus, you will save yourself unnecessary travel expenses and will not lose precious minutes in transports (or traffic jams).

As a registered company, mysofa location also allows you to convert your reservations into expense reports. Which cities are on your list of next destinations? If it's the South of France, smile. With mysofa location, your business stay will take another turn.

By coming to us, you will push the doors of your second home. From now on, any business trip will rhyme with productivity and practicality. For all your short stays in the south of France, we will be happy to find you an apartment that will allow you to carry out your various missions.

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